What pill should I buy?

There is no clean answer since many of our products deal with various symptoms and problems. You can choose a preparation with the Saldenafil that acts as a common Viagra, meaning you will no longer have troubles with getting your sword out of your sheath and having a good time. Or you can pick one with Tadalafil and dapoxetine if you have problems with premature ejaculation and maintaining erection for a longer time. And no, 5 minutes are not a long time. If you are trying to ERADICATE, the erectile dysfunction then you should maybe choose something with a vardenafil component that is now used for over 20 years to help men with their ED and get rid of it. You must choose the right pill for erection of yours.

Are there any dangerous or risky side effects?

Every medicament has a side effect, but these are prepared with utmost care to eliminate any undesirable side effects that might occur, and we are trying to bring you the very best that comes out of the testing labs. The most common side effects are blushing and headache which is „nothing“ compared to what you will gain in advance.